Miroslav Linda

my name is Miroslav Linda "Indi"

I was attracted by nature since I was a little boy, and as a child from hunting family, I always had some knife in the pocket. When I grew up and started hunting and fishing too, knives became inseparable part of my equipment. I dreamed about my own handmade knife and that, after hunting and cynology, became my third passion - knife making. I started making hunting and fishing knives for me and my friends. I met a lot of great people thanks to my products. Their feedback moved me on in knife making and that´s why proven design series have emerged. Scandinavian knives "Puukko" are my matter of heart. I like clean, elegant curves where precise work excels. As a hunter, I know what are the demands on the knife. There are not many areas, that require such durability and quality from the knife like hunting. The hunting knife, shouldn´t be just esthetical addition of man-hunter, but also functional tool you can rely on in every situation.